The *New* Bachelorette

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Glam Me Baby, One More Time

I walked into Tessa’s house… I’m sorry, mansion, in sweatpants and a bleach-stained Kid Rock tee; the grease clinging to every strand of my honey-brown

A Night in Vegas

“My name’s Stella,” I told him, trying my best to answer as if I were talking to a substitute teacher – not rude… just, blase.

Back To War

The dark smoke engulfed my lungs and forced a film over my strong blue eyes which sat behind a pair of classic silver aviators. The

Bake Me Up – The Final Chapter

Sadie didn’t want to go back to the shitty dorms. With her dad in this condition, she didn’t want to go anywhere, but her mom

The US National Championship

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: The year was 2017. I entered the same brick gymnastics studio in Aurora, Illinois I’d been going to since

Quarantine Crew Does Easter

Typically, I would spend Easter at my Grandparents’ house in Colorado and typically, if my plans were thwarted in any way, I would be on

The Quarantine Crew

As the sun started to peak its way out from behind the mountain and through the square window, I heard Sierra’s body shift against the

Let’s Go To The Beach

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: “S – Speed!” Remi shouted. It must’ve been the hundredth speed limit sign they’d passed. The Hendrickson’s were racing

Send Me Up

Sadie sat in silence and closed her eyes in an effort to stop the world from spinning. She could picture Amy’s forehead plunked down into


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