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A Night in Vegas

“My name’s Stella,” I told him, trying my best to answer as if I were talking to a substitute teacher – not rude… just, blase.

The Chaos Theory

When Devon and I spoke about myself writing a piece for “Coffee and a Question,” first and foremost, I was of course honored, but also,


Epstein – The Serial Sex Predator

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: I’m troubled… as I’m sure many were when finishing the documentary about Jeffrey Epstein. I must (shamefully) admit, I

Land of the Free

4th of July… Independence Day –I’ve thought about what to write in honor of this national holiday and my options have gone back and forth


When I got a message from Taylor informing me she was ready to tell her story but needed help telling it, I was excited, then

Grief in 2020

What is grief? If we were to boil it down to one word, I think collectively we could agree that grief is loss. 2020 has

An Ode To You, Dad

What a challenge it must’ve been, becoming a dad to someone who didn’t remember having one. You embraced my feminine nature, teaching me softball as

What I’ve Learned About Racism

Racism… what a triggering word, right? At the start of this work, if someone asked whether I was racist, my immediate response would be to


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