An Ode To You, Dad


What a challenge it must’ve been, becoming a dad to someone who didn’t remember having one.

You embraced my feminine nature, teaching me softball as we played out in the beating sun.

You built me a fort, which was really more of a house, complete with monkey bars and a swing.

You showed me a new way to express love which helped in my tendency to cling.

Crash Bandicoot was a staple video game during the summers in my youth. As the years passed by, my behavior started to become uncouth.

Although it was often time for a chat in the living room,

You gave me grace, except for the time I did shrooms.

You continue to support me and show up over the years,

Which lets me know I can come to you with all of my fears.

Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful man.

Thank you for being my number one fan… (okay, maybe number two, after mom, but that doesn’t flow as well).

I love you.