It’s Been A Year


Many of us have heard and watched James Lipton interview performers on his show, Inside The Actors Studio, where he asks the same ten questions in that righteous, but earnest tone, such as ‘what sound do you love?’ or ‘what is your least favorite word?’

I’ve been greatly entertained watching beloved actors give their answers – some well thought out, some seemingly right off the cuff. 

There’s even a special video of Bradley Cooper as a second year student in the audience, asking Sean Penn a question about… well, who cares what the question was; it undoubtedly went viral when it was Bradley’s turn to sit down one on one with Mr. Lipton.

So, in honor of Coffee With A Question being one year old, I thought it would be fitting to deliver my answers to the small, but steadily growing audience, however, instead of answering Pivot’s ‘what noise I hate’ (Azey’s piercing bark at 2 am), I was inspired to answer a select few from the Proust Questionnaire, for those of you mildly interested in who I am.   

But before doing so, allow me to deliver a brief ‘thank you’ speech, which many of you know, is one of my favorite things to do, even if I’m only delivering them in the comfort of my mesh-back computer chair as I watch neighbors walk and bike past the window. 

I want to thank every single writer and interviewee that donated their time and energy to share a part of themselves.  Allow me to thank them all here individually…

Just kidding – no one wants to listen or read out a list of names unless they’re trying to figure out what they’re going to write on the birth certificate… and even then, it’s work.  

Seriously, though, as I sit here typing this out, I’m letting the emotions wash over me. 

I thought I started this blog because I enjoyed writing, but within moments of pressing ‘Publish’ on my first piece, I had the inclination / download / ping (whatever you want to call it) to connect with my longtime friend, Piper, to share her perspective on being in the public eye and how it affected her mental and physical health. 

And with that, I quickly decided I would share one guest blog and one personal blog per week.   

Which meant I needed to find willing subjects with an interesting story to tell… call it setting a clear intention, but the universe really listened and I was fortunate to connect with loved ones, friends I hadn’t talked to since high school, and new acquaintances.  And through all of this, I discovered the thrill of both interviewing, and turning that interview into something easily digestible… gluten-free, if you will. 

So, I’d like to announce that starting 2021, in light of the staff controversy, I will be taking over The Ellen Show.

Fine… maybe 2026. 

Question One – really comes out with a BANG, asking ‘what is your idea of perfect happiness?’ to which I answer, with my back straight, looking out into the audience… my idea of perfect happiness is knowing my purpose and allowing that to be the driving force behind my decisions; always understanding the universe is working with me in my growth.  Also, financial freedom.  And Ryan Gosling.

Question TwoWhat is the trait you deplore most in yourself?  My indecisiveness… I’ve always been crippled by this, second guessing what the right path is instead of just leaning into my intuition. 

Question ThreeWhat is the quality you most like in a man?  Oof I’m stuck between driven and funny. 

Question FourWhat is the quality you like most in a woman?  I’m also on the fence here… being able to self-deprecate and being sure of oneself, which now that I read the above answer, it’s prettttty much the same. #GenderFluid

Question FiveWhich living person do you most despise?  Mmm… *gulps* not trying to get political. 

Question SixWhich talent would you most like to have?  Retaining everything I learn.

Question SevenIf you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what would it be?  I have questions here… how long am I going to come back?  Is it at the age I’m at now?  The age they’re at now?  Can I rewind back to a certain period?  I’m going with Jason Bateman… no, Robert Downey Jr.  No… Elon Musk. I told you I’m indecisive.  Also, a thing?  Who’s picking that?  Uhh, yeah, I want to come back as a rock, please.

Question EightWhat is your most marked characteristic?  Definitely my elbows.  People swoon.

Question NineWho is your hero of fiction?  Star Lord… ooh, no, Dexter.  Or the entire cast of It’s Always Sunny.   

Question TenHow would you like to die?  Okay, here are my only specifications… it must be after I’ve accomplished what I intended, must be a surprise, and there better be at least 200 people at the funeral. 

There are 35 questions, you guys… go to my Only Fans site to see the remaining answers. 

I actually don’t know how that works, just that Bella Thorne made $2 million in two days, soo, sign me up?  Unless it’s a porn thing… if so, I’m opting out. 

In closing

Here’s to a successful Season 2 of Coffee With A Question, where I hope to interview more men, expand on more sensitive topics, and incorporate more black voices.  Also, monetizing would be most welcomed.

Thank you all for being here and growing with me… as Ari Gold would say, let’s hug it out, bitch